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Daihatsu Motor one of the most known and oldest auto mobile companies that sell and manufacture core combustion engines. It also got famous later on for its slighter kei models as well as off-road cars and other vehicles. The headquarters of Daihatsu Motor is located at the Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture.

In 1907 Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd was a company that made gasoline-motorized engine for power plants of small size. Later in 1930, the main focus of Hatsudoki Seizo Co became the steam engines for railway. Their manufactures mostly included railway carriages that were used for passenger transportations. After steam engines they moved on to diesel engines, collaborating with various companies like Niigata Engineering, and also Shinko Engineering Co., Ltd. Later in 1960 Daihatsu became the successor of Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd. They started exporting to Europe even, but the sales didn’t kick till the 80’s. Almost all of Daihatsu’s models and cars are termed as kei jidōsha in Japan, which means kei cars.

Daihatsu was working independently till 1967, but in that same year Toyota became the king shareholder because the Japanese government wanted to make a domestic market. Toyota was approached by the banker of Daihatsu, offering shares. By 1995 Toyota got hold of 33.4 percent as it started to buy out other shareholders. They also targeted other banks as well as insurance companies to get hold of their shares of Daihatsu. By the end of 1998, Toyota got hold of 51.2 shares by buying out big fishes, and became the majority shareholder of Daihatsu

Due to losses and up and downs in the company that included pulling out of Europe export, Daihatsu was taken over by Toyota and it became a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation in 2016.

Daihatsu’s Export Market Includes the following countries:

  • • Malaysia
  • • Thailand
  • • Australia
  • • Chile
  • • Trinidad and Tobago,
  • • Europe
  • • New Zealand
  • • South Africa
  • • America

Daihatsu is by far the only company that is connected through and through with its customers. And they do so by making their design approachable and creating it for the people who drive their cars, and not just for profits. They make sure that they keep a track of customer’s feed back and also the creative criticism and work around that to make their cars better and better with each passing year.

Environmental Technology Regards of Daihatsu:

The aim of Daihatsu is to make its vehicle environment friendly as well as low maintenance. This way the nations can enjoy the cars in their daily life and not as a luxury only. Being low maintenance and eco-friendly makes them very convenient to use in daily routine. This is done by fitting the mini vehicles with engines that are Engine for mini vehicles gasoline efficient and has minimal energy loss.

The ecofriendly versions also include the feature that has the idling halt function. With the idling function, the car’s fuel efficiency increases. The functions make the engine stop when the brakes are pushed and the speed drops down below a specific level.

Reducing the Total Weight of the Car:

With the utilization is resin the company is trying to reduce the total body mass of the car, they have also done a lot of experiments to test the theory out. Testing the car in extreme conditions have proved that is method is working out successfully.

High-Quality Yet Affordable:

When it comes to Daihatsu, rest assured that you will get the best quality vehicle in the best price ever. This is the promise of Daihatsu. They make sure that their cars have a simple build, slim in shape and are compact. Which is the perfect recipe of high quality and low-cost cars.