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About Ford:

It is a multinational automaker company in America. With its main headquarters in the suburb of Detroit, Dearborn, and Michigan, Ford was founded by Henry Ford. Incorporated on June 16, 1903, this company sells commercial and automobile vehicles under Ford brand and Lincoln brand represent their luxurious cars and SUVs. With 8% stake in UK's Aston Martin and 32% shares in Jiangling motors, Ford also represents the Brazilian manufacturer Trollers of SUV. By using expounded engineering sequences, Ford introduced the manufacturing of cars and their on large-scale and industrial workforce.

Ford Company also bears joint-vouchers with different Asian countries such as China (Changan Ford), Turkey (Ford Otosan), Taiwan (Ford Lio Ho), and Russia (Ford Sollers). Based on the 2015s vehicle production, Ford has become the second largest manufacturing automakers of US and 5th largest automaker company in the world. Ford also bear the financial crisis in the early stages of the 21st century and declared bankrupt. Fortune 500 list that was based on the 2017s global revenue of $156.7 billion and in 2018 it was successfully ranked as Americas 11th popular automobile company of America. Ford also owned the Swedish automobile manufacturing company Volvo and discontinued its connections with Mercury brand. Ford is also exporting different parts of their automobile from Japan. The list of car models of Ford in Japan is long. The use of Japanese trucks and buses of Ford are increasing day by day. Festiva, Festiva miniwagon and Freda are the most popular car models from Ford, Japan.


According to history, Henry Ford was almost 39 years when he founded its company and yes it becomes the world’s largest automobile manufacturing and the most profitable company in America. Within the passage of one decade, the company successfully led the automobile world in expansion and redefines the concept of the assembly line. Ford motor company is a family control business for more than 100 years and ranked as the world’s largest family control business.

In 1956, Ford offered different lifeguard packages that include innovations such as optional front, deep dish control on steering wheel, an optional padded dash and rear seatbelts for extra security purposes. On April 17, 1964, Ford launched the worldwide premiere of Mustang in New York World’s fair. In 1980 Ford used the different slogan as compared to Volvo and Audi to increase the list of their customers and introduce their advanced technology across the world. In the early times of the 21st Century, Ford introduced its new range of vehicles that also include the unibody car platforms of Crossover SUVs. Ford also got the license similar to the Toyota Hybrid technology in order to develop the Hybrid electronic powertrain technology and refrained infringements.

In 2008, Ford sold its most famous Jaguar and Land Rover operations only for $2.3 billion to TATA motors. In 2012, Ford successfully upgrades its bonds from junk to investment grade again, increase lasting improvements and citing sustainability. In November 2012, Ford headquarters released the news that CEO Alan Mulally is going to stay till 2014.

Advance features:

If it is the case of safety & security then Ford is nothing less from Volvo and Audi. The engineers at Ford are making every possible effort to increase the safety measures of Ford. All the automotive vehicles of Ford come with tight side airbags that give the 100% assurance of the life of driver and passengers. In the new models, Ford introduces a superior braking system with Hill launch assist that prevents you from rolling on your back while driving on hills. With the advanced technology of Ford MyKey, the driver may set the maximum speed of the vehicle, the volume of the audio system and seatbelt reminder.

Latest news from Ford:

Ford has announced that they are going to eliminate large familiar nameplates such as Midsize Fusion, Subcompact Fiesta, and Taurus in 2022. But they will not stop purchasing Mustang that is the most popular sport vehicle.