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ISEKI Vehicles: What You Should Know About Them

Iseki & Co., Ltd. is a Japanese and one of the largest manufacturing agricultural machinery makes on the globe. The best fact about their equipment is they have a good resale value in the used automotive market like any Japanese used vehicles.

Its popular items are harvesting and planting machinery, engines, components, as well as a variety of tractors. Currently, their headquarters are based on Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan.

The company was founded in 1926 at Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan, under the name Iseki Farm Implement Trading Company. After a decade, i.e. in 1936, it was incorporated to form Iseki & Co.

Right from 1961 till now ISEKI tractors are selling in all over the world under different brandings like White, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Bolens, and AGCO. Some models in Japan have been built by Massey Ferguson, France; and Landini, Italy.

You can get almost all types of professional machines from them ranging from compact tractors to push, pull or lift the stuff to mowers aid in managing large area filled with grass. Here is a quick outlook on their current product lineups of Japanese vehicles.

7 Main Products from the House of ISEKI

You are looking to own new equipment or machine, then here are the available options

1) Rice Transplanter – They are available in two series, namely PC and NP.

2) Riding Mower – You can get SXG series that delivers power from 15PS to 23PS.

3) Zero-Turn Mower – SZ330 series that produces 32PS power.

4) Combine Harvester – These are offered under two series; HC80P and HJ.

5) Tiller – You can get one from KMC and SA series.

6) Front Mower – There are three series under this category of machines, SF2, SF300, and SF450, ranging from 22-33, 30-36, and 35-46 PS respectively.

7) Tractor – You can find nine different series to serve a different purpose. It starts with TG series that has 23 PS power and ranges to TJW series with 129 PS.

Recently in 2018 ISEKI ties up with TAFE to produce compact tractors that come within a range of 35-54 HP. They aim to build lightweight multi-utility tractors having advanced features. Hence, they work well for different applications like spraying, inter-cultivation, tilling, land preparation for plantations & orchard, and puddling operations.

Today, the brand has joint ventures with many companies like Dongfeng Motor. By the way, some early models of TYM or Tong Yang tractors have used Iseki’s expertise and design.

Bottom Line about Iseki

ISEKI produce highly capable machinery. These equipment are useful to meet the requirements of different applications. It includes commercial farming, lifestyle farm owners, municipal councils and more. The brand is also ruling in Europe from more than the past 50 years established in 1971 in Brussels, SA.

The equipment comes with an ample number of helpful features and model options. They offer reliability to do a job with more comfort, efficiently, and sooner possible. The brand maintains quality in every single component of their equipment, be it either transmission or engine, from compact to massive engines series.

The brand offers the right level of after-sales support and have dealerships in different countries. Two big reasons are there behind the availability of many ISEKI vehicle options as resale models, like a Japanese farm tractor. One is due to their high value for money deal, and other is satisfactory mileage, for those having a limited budget.