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    • 2311221511AMC
    • Model Code
    • KRM13H-2
    • Reg Year/Month
    • 2011
    • Engine CC
    • -
    • Mileage
    • 8,348 km
    • Fuel
    • Diesel
    • Transmission
    • MT
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Kato Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Kato is a Japanese manufacturer known for its mobile cranes' line. In addition to this, the brand also makes industrial vacuums and hydraulic excavators. Since its set up in 1895, KATO has made jumps forward by using its autonomous and innovativeness vision.

Thus, all-time playing the task of pioneer upon themselves. It is ongoing all through their industry’s history has carried them to where they are today. And that they will carry on trying to supply KATO’s customers with top-class products and repair.

They do believe in meeting customer needs fast and flexibly by consistently offering quality products. The main aim is to modernize and produce an intellectual product line every time. It should have a wide-ranging online management system.

They offer the most advanced machines and examination equipment to measure the highest accuracy. After the beginning of them, they regularly polish the manufacturing system. They combined many high-performance robots and devices.

In addition, they have achieved remarkable advances all through the whole production process. There is a systematic and integrated production line that has made fantastic progress in better work conditions. All this has lessened their worker's burden.

What are the Well-Known Offerings from the House of Kato?

Let us have a look at the line-up of the products:

· Rough Terrain Cranes:

These are mobile cranes that can trick over several types of surfaces. The company builds this kind of a crane on a body with four large rubber tires. They can ascend over uneven ground and keep traction on challenging terrain.

The rough terrain crane carries its weight, making for a fast set up and ideal for your ongoing projects.

· All-terrain Cranes:

The versatile all-terrain cranes come with superior technology, design, and engineering. A revise in terrific performance and maneuverability, all-terrain cranes, can go about anyplace. They are ready to assist you in getting on to the most challenging jobs securely, quickly, professionally.

They come in various boom lengths and have ergonomic, smart cab design for incredible driver comfort and assistance. All-terrain cranes are a matchless culmination of impeccable production and flexible usage. They are thereby offering a sizeable ROI (return on investment).

· Excavators:

These are well-known earthmoving automobiles. It consists of an arm, bucket, movable tracks, and rotating cab. So, the constituents offer better digging power and mobility. So, enabling this heavy equipment to carry out many functions from breaking holes and digging trenches. It ranges from lifting away waste and excavating mines.

Excavators find their usage in contractor and industrial necessities. It comprises building construction, mining, road creation, and destruction.

· Vacuum Truck:

It is a tank truck that has a tank and a pump. The pump efficiently manages to suck sludges, liquids, slurries, or the same underground into the truck tank. The purpose is to allow transport of the liquid material via road to another location.

Vacuum trucks find their usage in storm drains, sewer sanitation line cleaning. It also includes containment pits, catch basins, and hydro–excavation.

· Earth Boring Rigs:

This type of earth-boring rigs is a type of construction equipment used to make holes in the earth's surface. They can differ much in size: they can be massive structures or light enough to move manually.

· Crawler carriers:

Crawler carriers are rubber-tracked prime movers. It can be modified for each application and outfitted with a vast range of beds or support equipment. Flatbed crawler carriers are usually used on pipeline job sites to tow mats.

It requires laying down in grounding for equipment to come through. In contrast, dump bed carriers can be overloaded with materials and moved around while using a very low psi.

The bed part can also be rigged up with a crane or welding equipment to assist with support duties or a jumbo cabin to transport staff. The bed flexibility of a crawler carrier permits users to conquer all job kinds.

· Mini Excavators:

They provide the correct type of product based on the job site construction requirements. The product line up Kato offers will cover all customer necessities through the optimal use of available technology. It is to suit application necessities. At the same time, they are offering the best maintainability and operator comfort at reduced operating costs.

Final Thoughts

Based on your budget and need, you can either go for their new or check the market to discover some fantastic deals on used Kato Japanese cranes. After all, most of us are proverbial with it, which does the same for a used car from Japan!