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    • 2404260917BTBDB
    • Model Code
    • 4568
    • Reg Year/Month
    • 2020/7
    • Engine CC
    • 3,000 cc
    • Mileage
    • 19,433 km
    • Fuel
    • Diesel
    • Transmission
    • AT
    • SEATS
    • 7

    81,454 US$

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Using the jeep chassis and modules, the design of Land Rover was created in 1947 by Britain Maurice Wilks and launched officially in 1948. The Series I came in light green color as it was based around military, using the reserved supplies of aircraft cockpit paint. A royal Warrant was granted by King George VI in 1951, and Land Rover was regarded as a British icon. The Series II was launched ten years later in 1958. Land Rover was a product line of Rover company which was eventually taken over by Rover Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Cooperation. Land Rover became their own separate company since 1978 (under the umbrella of British Leyland until it was privatized and broken later). After the Rover group was acquired by the German manufacturers, Land Rover went to BMW in 1994. Later, Land Rover was then being sold to Ford Motor company after the Rover group was defeated by BMW in 2000. Land Rover was sold to Indian company Tata by Ford Motor company in 2008. Although, after Tata acquired Land Rover, it came with the permission to use the Ford engine because most of the Land Rover vehicles are manufactured using Ford engines.


The popular car models of Land Rover are

  • • Range Rover
  • • Defender
  • • Freelander

Range Rover classic

Range Rover was the top-most model that marked the Land Rover company to the highest rankings. Interestingly, Range Rover was neither designed to be a luxury car nor a status symbol as told by its designer himself. After the Range Rover was built and completed in 1969, it was officially launched in 1970. The second generation was launched in 1994 when the Rover group was bought by BMW. The third generation Range Rover was launched in 2001 and shared its components with BMW 7 series.

Characteristics of Range Rover

Innovation and infotainment : you can choose from an innovative drivetrain by selection of advanced diesel or petrol engines or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. All of them deliver powerful performance. Also, to heighten the enjoyment of vehicle, advanced integrated technologies and Touch pro Duo performs the work like no other.

Convenience and comfort: the interior comes with comfort 4 seat and 5 seat versatility. The Meridian Sound system, Cabin Air lonisation and four zone climate control adds to the relaxed ambiance.

Driver aids: plenty of the SUV technologies available in Range Rover provides safety to the driver and passengers in addition to negotiating city traffic.

Off-road proficiency: the innovative all-terrain technologies and All Wheel Drive (AWD) systems makes Range Rover, exemplary in off-road capabilities by combining refinement and luxury. Whatever the road conditions, this vehicle is proficient to be driven in any situation.

Land Rover Freelander

When the Land Rover was suggested to bring SUV model into the market, they tried to search a partner for their project as they were strict in development budget. They tried to approach Honda but they declined to assist. The relative funding for the project was provided by BMW as it took over the Rover group in 1994. In 1997, the best-selling four vehicle drive , Freelander, was manufactured in Europe and was the more compact version of the original Land Rover.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery was code named “project Jay” and was launched in 1989 in UK. It was manufactured with the intention to rival the Japenese manufacturer models because of the cross-holding relationship between Land Rover and Honda in early 80’S.

Other characteristics of Land Rover

The diesel-electric hybrid was presented at the London Motor show in 2008. Also LRX Hybrid concept, that enables the vehicles to run on electricity entirely below the speed of 20mph, was also presented the same year at the North American International Auto Show. The plans were unveiled for an All-Terrain Electric defender in February 2013, a vehicle that would generate zero emissions. It also has a range of 80km and by low speed usage in off-road, it can precede eight hours before charging.

From performance abilities(like fuel economy and horsepower), to safety technology, to the pricing, and everything in-between, everything is comparable between Land Rover and any other vehicle. All the competitive models including Japanese manufacturers whether they are brand new models or used Japanese trucks, and used Japanese bus with heavy engine proficiencies, Land Rover capabilities are unbeatable in every aspect.