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Mercedes-Benz is globally known and acclaimed Automobile company that is German born. They have been known to produced luxury and high-end buses as well as lorries and coaches. The company has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. They first emerge on the map in the year 1926, under the name of Daimler-Benz.


The world is aware of the first automobile created by, Benz Patent Motorwagen, that was owned by Karl Benz. But many doesn’t know that this was the start of Mercedes. This first ever petrol-powered vehicle is known to be the origin of the world-famous Mercedes.

They started marketing their production in 1901 under the name of Daimler Motors Corporation. The famous termed Mercedes came from the name of the daughter of Emil Jellinek, whose name was Mercedes Jellinek. He was an automobile industrialist, originally from Austria, and his first design was Mercedes 35 hp which was produced in 1901.

He has bigger plans, and they came true when he sold his Mercedes vehicles to supposedly “New World”, that included US, and well-known names like Rockefeller, Taylor as well as Morgan. Soon after the company took another name and added it to the already existing name, and it became Mercedes-Benz, which produced its first car under the new name in 1926. This production was the merge of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler's, making it the ever-famous Daimler-Benz company.

The Mercedes-Benz manufactured the most popular model of the German Nazi Period by the name of 770 model in the 30’s. The popularity of Mercedes hit its height when Adolf Hitler rode in the Mercedes model that had wind shields that were bullet proof.

One of these models is at display in Ottawa’s War museum as there were some antique models that survived the war. For using forced labor, for the Nazi war fare, the company later compensated 12 million dollars to the families of the labors.

Mercedes is renowned, and has become a brand name in luxury cars around the world. and rightly so as it had been the pioneer of many safety and technological novelties. These innovations were later adopted by other companies as well, after being inspired the Mercedes motors. Mercedes is the most established brand of vehicle across the globe.

Mercedes Global Manufactures

Mercedes is so widespread that the cars are made and assembled in different parts of the world simultaneously, these countries include:

  • • Algeria
  • • Argentina
  • • Australia
  • • Austria
  • • Bonsai
  • • Brazil
  • • Canada
  • • China
  • • Columbia
  • • Egypt
  • • Hungary
  • • India
  • • Russia
  • • Siberia
  • • South Africa
  • • Turkey
  • • Vietnam
  • • USA

These are the few countries that manufacture certain models of Mercedes, that include trucks, buses, vans, as well as different car models. The Mercedes corporation is spread all over, winning hearts throughout the world.

Ranking of Mercedes on quality

Ever since the beginning of its time, the company has maintained a constant quality level, with its durability as well as style and class. They constantly improve the look, design and quality pf their production, so much so, that from 25th position it climbed up to 5th position and earned quite a few awards as well. in 2008, it climbed up to 4th position. 2011’s survey conducted by UK J. D. Power proved that Mercedes has the least recall rate among all the other brands around the world. its been proven by the popularity of precedes that their manufactures are above average quality as well as have been regarded as highest durable cars of the globe.


Mercedes has made a name, and they have been upholding to that name ever since. The popularity of Mercedes is increasing day by day, it’s the most sought-after luxury car ever.