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Subaru Cars

Subaru is the twenty-second world largest Japanese automobile manufacturing corporation. Formerly Subaru was known as Fuji heavy industry. Kenji Kita founded Subaru Car Company in 1953. Subaru cars are well known for their boxer engine in above 1500 cc vehicles. The inclusion of the boxer engine helps to make the ride even smoother than other vehicles. Subaru trademark is based on M45 and the seven starts but one can see only six starts on its logo, and the remaining one is invisible. The first Subaru car is famous with its name ‘Subaru 1500.’ Subaru has manufactured, and designed dozen of vehicles name the sambar in 1961, air-cooled 360 in 1958, and 1000 in 1965. Nissan acquired a 20.4 percent stake in Subaru parent company named Fuji heavy industries. Subaru parents company ‘FHI’s’ is a partnership with Toyota cars. Toyota Corporation has a 16.5% stake in Fuji heavy industries.

The technology of Subaru vehicle

The essence of Subaru cars revolves around comfort, safety, and swiftly. Subaru puts it all effort to design cars, which will give the best performance. Its body is rigid with a low center of gravity. Through our latest technology, we wanted to deliver our driver peace of mind and enjoyment. They are more tend towards the “safety first” philosophy.

Important things to know about Subaru

  • Subaru cars give the best resale value if you want to sell your car and to plan to buy a new one.
  • Subaru has some attachment with animals, and they love them. For the prevention of animals, Subaru donated almost 16 million rupees. Moreover, the company sponsors a range of pet adoption events. They help to provide the shelter to various animals.
  • If you are a Subaru owner, you can go everywhere you want. Their all-wheel drive makes it significant.  Subaru all-wheel drive offers the best control, balance, and traction. Hence, it sounds like “try anything. Do everything. Go everywhere.”
  • Subaru always keeps the environment in mind. Besides increasing fuel efficiency, Subaru also focuses on acknowledging the drivers about the importance of environmental-friendly driving. Subaru offers SI-drive, his driver assist system, so one can change the mode of driving according to his choice or situation. These modes are the intelligent mode, sports mode, and sharp sports mode. The first one mode gives fuel efficiency, the second one is for smooth engine performance, and the last one is all about acceleration.
  • Aerodynamic body of Subaru cars also contributes to fuel efficiency

Japanese used buses and trucks

If you are, deciding to buy a Japanese used bus and trucks you must visit Japan or search on the web about Japanese used Subaru cars. Japanese used cars are the best option to buy if you cannot afford the brand new vehicle. These used cars from Japan are always in good condition. Their driving rule is so strict with a good infrastructure of roads. Hence, their drivers drive vehicle with great care. You will find Japanese used vehicle good in the engine, paint, performance and much more. Japanese used trucks are famous among the majority of people, and they preferred to buy used cars rather than a new one.