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Suzuki Cars

Suzuki Motor Corporation or known merely as Suzuki cars is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu. Suzuki manufactures automobiles, motorbikes, ATVs, wheelchairs, four-wheel vehicle, and variety of internal combustion engines. According to the 2014 survey, Suzuki Motor Corporation stands at number nine in all biggest automobile companies. Forty-five thousand employees are working with Suzuki. Suzuki motor cooperation came into existence in 1909. The trademark of Suzuki motors is ‘S’ and established in 1958. Suzuki cars are the third largest brand that is selling in Japan. Suzuki started motorcycle manufacturing in 1952. In 1970, Suzuki introduced its first electric car. After nine years, they also introduced the first hydrogen engine automobile. Suzuki is also specialized in making minibusses and mini trucks. Suzuki vehicle includes Kizashi, Suzuki carry, wagonR, swift, alto, cultus and much more. Suzuki started as a small-scale manufacturer but expand to international markets like USA, Canada, India, and Pakistan.


  • Suzuki made many achievements like its model GSX-R750 win the 24 hours of le man race.
  • Another one victory is the breakthrough at MotoGP.
  • How one can forget about the establishment of Magyar Suzuki.
  • In 2018, AFF Suzuki cup sponsorship begins.
  • The opening of Suzuki plaza.
  • Most important is the beginning of Suzuki Hamamatsu athlete club.

Reliability of Suzuki cars, buses and trucks

Suzuki manufactured cars, minibusses and trucks are reliable because they put effort into their automobile technology. Even the small Suzuki cars are also very reliable. Their spare parts are easily available that make it easy to repair. Moreover, you cannot doubt about its longevity because their technology is for a lifetime if you drive it carefully.

Suzuki Maruti

Suzuki is also manufacturing its amazing cars in India with a collaboration with another company name Maruti; hence, it is known as Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Suzuki is using robots as well

Twenty-five thousand robots are working and help in the manufacturing of vehicles in SUZUKI. These all robots are automated. The help of robot takes most car painting and welding task because these tasks need full concentration.

Japanese used cars and buses

Are you thinking to buy a brand new vehicle but do not have enough money for a new one. Your problem is solved because the Japanese used Suzuki vehicles are best, very reasonable, and affordable. These used vehicles are no less than the brand new cars. Japanese used buses and trucks are touching people’s heart for their design, style, and elegance. Japanese used vehicles are free from scratches, repainted and dents because their drivers follow the car safety and driving rules. They are not just trained to drive but also know car different parts, engine, brakes, tyres, etc. moreover, the road accident ratio is too less in Japan.  Japanese vehicles come with the latest technology. Buses and trucks import from Japan are always in good condition. Suzuki spare parts are easily available in the markets at a reasonable price, which makes repairing convenient. Japanese used buses, trucks demands low maintenance, and guarantee durability.

If you want an efficient vehicle that can easily transfer goods from one place to another try to buy a Suzuki mini truck from Japan. Japanese used trucks will make your life fastest. Whether you want a mini truck or a cargo one, Japanese used trucks are the best to purchase because they look like new and the engine is in a good state. Suzuki carry trucks will be a better option to pick up load and transfer to another destination. Due to its reasonable size, it saves time from stuck in a traffic jam.