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    • Stock NO
    • 2407181131APS
    • Model Code
    • S-TFS55H
    • Reg Year/Month
    • 1990/11
    • Engine CC
    • 2,770 cc
    • Mileage
    • 137,000 km
    • Fuel
    • Diesel
    • Transmission
    • MT
    • SEATS
    • 7

    10,763 US$

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Based on the history of Japanese vehicle industry, Isuzu motors which was founded in 1916 is by far the oldest company. The Isuzu motors over the years have been creating, without compromise, and building the most reliable cars and trucks for the safe journey of its passengers. Since then Isuzu cars have been a mark of excellence around the world, Japanese used cars and Japanese used truck that are being imported all over the world mainly contain Isuzu productions.

The Isuzu operations have been operating all over the world, so much so that they have been catering 100 countries over the world. They contribute to the widespread automobile industry of Japan. The Isuzu have made sure that they work hand in hand with the trends and technology of the modern times. Their car performance is par excellence keeping in mind the environment as well as safety of the drivers.

Overview of the Isuzu motors
Primary Passenger Car Manufactured in Japan

It all started in 1927, in Tokyo. Ishikawajima started its own localized manufacturing of vehicles with its own personalized designing.

The beginning of Isuzu motors

In 1929 when the first car was released by Tokyo Ishikawajima, the company decided to make the car department independent. They named this new operation “Ishikawa Automotive Works Co., Ltd. After the sad incident of the Great Kanto Earthquake, the Japanese government wanted to get the automobile industry up and running again so they started promoting it. as a result, in 1933 Ishikawa launched the “Isuzu” which was the government approved standard model. The name was taken from the Isuzu river. Which is famous for slowing past Japan’s most ancient shrine. Late the company itself took over the name “Isuzu” as their official name.

Isuzu trucks

Isuzu is known for its durable and best quality truck not only in japan but all over the world.
It’s been over 80 years since the first most initial truck left the building and was brought to the retail market. Ever since then Isuzu has been on the rise. Isuzu has become a huge factor in the leading global automobile market for its par excellence quality as well as technological innovations and exceptions.

Top Selling Light-Duty Trucks

In 1949 when Isuzu took a turn an changed its name to the current one, the world was asking for a better commercial vehicle. The need became even pronounced because of the Korean War. This put Isuzu in perfect position to take advantage of the said situation and manufacture enhanced product to suit the war environment. As a result, of this timely decision the sales shot up, and the diesel-powered vehicle became popular.

In 1959 the ELF was launched by Isuzu, and from then till not that truck has dominated the market. Even when it comes to Japanese used bus, Japanese used trucks, Isuzu is the preferred choice. Its famous and preferred as they sell the best and light duty trucks.

Isuzu Trucks Globally

The aim and goal of Isuzu is very simple, to be the leader of the automobile industry globally. And there is no doubt that soon they will reach that point as the creations of Isuzu are known and trust all over the world. they trust is build due to the reliability they offer as well as the durability of their cars and trucks alike. Their sales reach as high as 200,000 manufactures a year. This puts them in serious competition with other manufactures in the line of heavy and light duty trucks. When it comes to truck manufacturing the standards and rules are pretty tough, but Isuzu surpassed them as their creations offer easy handling, efficiency, economic compatibility as well as excellent safety features.