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This is first minivan with 3rd seats for BMW series.

Superb functionality , large space , dynamic running , it has all of them.
The first and second seats are comfortable same like other BMW series.
It has 3rd seats too , of course 3rd seats is not large space but if you use it for not far away , it can ride 7 people.
And if you use it for far away , you can use the large space.
So it's so easy to use.
But of course it has powerful driving system because it has one of "BMW" series.

There is clean deisel model and petrol model.
Today I introduce two of clean diesel model.


[Model] BMW 218d Gran Tourer M Sport
Dimention ; 4570x1800x1640mm
Engine ; 2,000cc / 4 Cylinder / Twin power turbo diesel
Fuel consumption ; 21.3km
Brand new price ; Arround 42,000 US$


[Model] BMW 218d Active Tourer Luxury
Dimention ; 4350x1800x1550mm
Engine ; 2,000cc / 4 Cylinder / Twin power turbo diesel
Fuel consumption ; 22.2km
Brand new price ; Arround 40,000 US$


It has some many grade , Cabriolet and Coupe too.
And it is "Import Car of the year 2015-2016" in Japan !

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