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MITSUBISHI CANTER / 5th model (1985-1993year)

MITSUBISHI CANTER is Japanese small truck and it was born since 1963year.
Of course it’s very popular in Japan for a long time and also many overseas countries people are using for transport.


800px-Mitsubishi_Fuso_Canter_20 800px-Tatebayashi-Suibou

Today , I introduce for model “FE3・4” since 1985 to 1993year.
The catch copy is “Please look at my movement and I load with future”

The chassis model list ;

Especially , this model is very popular in Uganda and Zambia , and Asian countries (Tonga,Micronesia,Philippine,etc,,).
They are very old model and used many times and long mileage , but the engine is very strong for this model. Therefore , this is so popular for their countries.


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