This TOYOTA PRADO is chepest price in all Japanese market.
You can get it chepest price and you can get big profit by this PRADO
Those PRADO sometimes appeared in used car market.
But why are they so cheap ?

In fact , it was used for patrol car for Japanese high way.
This photo is first design. But it was repaint all to original black color.
So now , it's black color PRADO , it's most popular model.

It was using in high way , therefore , it is so high mileage. But the engine and body conditions are very good because the last owner was Japanese goverment , therfore the PRADO was maintained so many time , every month , every week , every day.
And Japanese high way is clean road , no dents and no depression , not rough. Therefore , there are only few trouble even if the PRADO is run so many mileage.

This is the reason of chepast price for those PRADO.

This is very big chance for you !
sometimes like this cars are appeared in used car market.
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