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The customer sent the photo and reviews of the TOYOTA HARRIER which he bought from EVERYCAR.jp

2010Year / CBA-ACU30W / 2WD / 2400cc / 81000km

This model is very popular in Tanzania , also Uganda , Zambia , Congo , etc.
Because 2WD SUV is lower tax and toughness spring , and 2400cc is very reasonable and convenient.

TOYOTA HARRIER has built its own genre as a luxury SUV.
This model is equipped with two units, a 220 horsepower V6DOHC 3L with VVT-i (continuously variable valve timing mechanism) and a 160 horsepower direct 4DOHC 2.4L, and has a 5-speed / 4-speed AT transmission.

Both use a gate-type instrument panel shift lever and a sequential shiftmatic that enables smooth gear changes by switching to the S position set next to the D range.

The lineup includes a base type with a G for each displacement, an L package for discharge head rips and audio with MD, and a premium L package for 18-inch aluminum and wood grain operations.
And, 3L electronically controlled air suspension specification AIRS is set for the top model.

In addition, the special specification car "ALCANTARA version" is based on "240G" and "300G", and "Alcantara" is adopted for the seat skin and door trim skin to enhance the texture and specially specialize the "Alcantara" specification car verification case.

Equipped. In addition, G-BOOK compatible EMV with voice navigation, color back guide monitor with voice guidance function, power back door, discharge headlamp with auto leveling function, etc. are fully equipped, making the specifications even more attractive.

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