Damaged Polo is being repaired now!!

Good evening. Japan is in comfortable autumn season now.

Our mechanic is repairing Volkswagen Polo 6RZCU 2012 year model. I'd like to report his processing.

(1) Polo was carried into our yard. The front right side of the body had been hit. The radiator hose had been cracked and coolant was leaked. The engine couldn't be work for a long time due to the empty coolant.



(2) We maintain and reuse parts on the damaged car as many as possible to reduce the repairing fee. The front bumper, grill, left head light, etc were still in workable condition this time. We took them off to clean up.

IMG_2523 IMG_2506

(3) We prepared some parts that couldn't be reused. The radiator hose were replaced and we confirmed the engine is OK now.

IMG_2526 IMG_2527 IMG_2528

(4) During that, front fender is being repainted. Of cause the paint liquid is same color with the genuine body color of VW.


Repairing report is continued...

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