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“Enthusiasm and Customer’s Perspective”

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The August 2016 will be started soon.
The year stage of EVERY CO LTD is started from September to August.
So next month August is last month for the 11th stage for EVERY CO LTD.
We started this business at 2006 and our 12th stage will started from September.
The concept of 11th stage of  is “Enthusiasm and Customer’s perspective”.

We enthusiastic to any work at hand , and Customer.
“Thinking best work for customer” is most important thing.
So how can we make the best work ?
The answer is ; we should always think any for “Customer’s Perspective”.

I think this is very important thing for customer’s happiness.
If a team always think for the team side , the team service will be getting worse more because the team are thinking only for themselves.
Therefore , we must think for “Customer’s perspective” every time.
This is very important thing for Customer’s happiness.

The concept of next year stage is not decided yet.
I will let you know when it’s decided.
But at first , we must move with “Enthusiasm and Customer’s Perspective” till end of August.

We are trying any challenge for customer’s smile.
Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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