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“EVERY MEETING” in your country.

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Biggest purpose of our business trip is “MEETING” to customer and partner by face to face.
Other most company’s business trip is not so.
They look and check some show room , restaurant , food , moving people , economic situation , used car market price , advertisement volume and cost ,,,, etc ,
so the purpose of their business trip is “MARKETING”.
But our business trip’s biggest purpose is “MEETING”.

In Mongolian , we held “EVERY MEETING” for many customer and partner.
They gave many idea and opinion for our service to me and we talked so many things with them.
And then we went back to Japan and our service was improved to better.
If we didn’t hold the meeting , our service didn’t improve any more.


In Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , etc ,,, east african countries ,
I met many customers and partners for each.
And I gave our original T-shirts to whom come to meet me.
We can talk so many things about our future relationship.

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In Sri-Lanka ,
I stayed in the room on one week which has by one of my friends.
We talked so many thing about car business and parts business and the caltures for each country.
And I eat so many food of Sri-Lanka and went to sightseeing with the friends.
Then I went back to Japan and we started damaged car business now.

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The purpose of our business trip is not “MARKETING” , it’s “MEETING”.
The “MEETING” is most important for our future.
Now we could make many relationship with the partners by this “MEETING”.
We will visit more countries every time and try to make more smile for all customers and partners.

Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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