First release of the new "Pajero Sport"

On July 25, 2019, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled the minor-changed Pajero Sport in Thailand for the first time in the world and began selling it in the country.

With regard to this car, Mitsubishi is a mid-size SUV that combines the comfort and functionality of a passenger car with the off-road performance, reliability and durability that it has cultivated for the "full-scale SUV" Pagelo ".
We have evolved the "Dynamic Shield" front design concept to create a sophisticated and powerful exterior with an interior that combines high quality with comfort.
Equipped with an 8-inch color liquid crystal meter and an electric tail gate that can be opened and closed with a smartphone, the company is promoting its advancedness and convenience.

The latest Pajero Sport is manufactured at the Lam Chabang plant of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, a Mitsubishi production and sales company in Thailand.
It plans to introduce it to about 90 countries, including the Philippines and Australia.

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