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Honda New Fried / Freed + Minor Change

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Honda will make minor changes to the new Fried / Fried + (two-row seat car) and release it on October 18, 2019.
The new Fried is released on September 16, 2016 and will be a minor change in three years.Change the design of the exterior.The shape of the in-line LED headlights has been changed to be integrated with the front grille, giving a more sporty impression as with the new Insight, New Fit, and New Vezel.

Due to the release of the minor change of Sienta on September 11, 2018, there is a difference in JC08 mode fuel consumption. Even if it is Fried, I think that it is going to raise it to the fuel efficiency performance around 28.8-29 km / L which somehow eats it. The driving support system “Honda SENSING (Honda Sensing)” is also standard on all models. The collision mitigation brake system (CMBS) also supports collision avoidance for “daytime / nighttime pedestrians, no streetlight pedestrian recognition and bicycle, crossing bicycle detection function”. Furthermore, it becomes “ACC with traffic jam follow-up function” and is equipped with “Auto High Beam” and “Rear wrong start control function”.


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