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ISUZU ELF TRUCK from Japanese local user.

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This ISUZU ELF TRUCK is good one and reasonable price because it was used by Japanese big company , therefore , the truck was maintainded well by last owner.

ISUZU ELF / 2003year / KR-NKR81LAV
URL : https://www.everycar.jp/isuzu/elf/2003/716046/

How can I get this truck from the local user ?

We are advertising to Japanese local market by this website.

[Japanese our company’s site]

This site is means “We can buy your car or truck for good price”.
If a customer who want to sell own car or truck is found this page and contact us , we calculate buying price for the car or truck.
Then if the customer agreed the price , we will buy it.
This is “Win and Win” system. The customer can sell higher price , and we can get the products lower price.

This is one of our strategy for buying stock , and it’s also one of our strength.

And of course we have big network for buying stock in all over Japan.
Therefore , if you are looking any car or truck , please let us know.
We can try to find any from all Japanese market.

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Best regards,

Yuichiro Watabe

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