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ISUZU FORWARD is one of most popular middle size truck which made by ISUZU since 1975year.
It's using for many purpose in all over the world.
For normal truck , dump , box truck , freezer , crane , fire truck , and other special purpose truck.


[1st model] 1970-1975year
[2nd model] 1975-1985year



[3rd model] 1985-1994year

This model got first "Award of Good design" for truck.
And this used model is very popular in east africa area.

Chassi model :
FRR11H FRR12 FRR13 FRR32 FRR33 FRR34 etc


[4th model] 1994-2007year

This is long term model.
The catch copy is "New Reader".

Engine model : 6HE1-S / 6HE-TCS
Chassis model :
FRD33 FRD34 FRD35 FRD90 FRR35 FRR90 etc



[5th model] 2007year

This is latest model.
So if it's used truck , it's very expensive still now.
But owner can use it for long long time.


ISUZU FORWARD is very popular in the world.
For example , Uganda market is popular for 3rd model.
Tanzanian market is popular for 3rd and 4th model.
Kenyan market is popular for 5th model.
Myanmar market is popular for 4th and 5th model.
And othe many various countries are needed this truck.

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