Learning about Japanese car market

Japanese automobile technology is high quality.


There are many reason , and one of the reason is there is school of automobile technology.

There is one college in our city Niigata.
The name of college is "GIA Niigata International Automobile College".

There are 10 department in this college.

Automobile Service Course
Auto Body Repair Course
Motor Sports Course
Motor Sports & 2nd Class Auto Mechanics Course
Automobile Design Course
Auto Mechanics Course for International Students
Auto Body Repair Major
EV & Electric Work Specialist Major
Automobile Design Major

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The students learn automobile technology and skills.
They can obtain up to 29 automobile-related qualifications.
Then they will work for automobile company.

Of course , our company "EVERY" has the member of this college.
He is our professional mechanical service staff for overseas customer.

This is one of the reason for Japanese high quality automobile technology.

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-Learning about Japanese car market