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Japanese sports cars released over 20 years ago are popular. The protagonist is a classic car from a major manufacturer such as the NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R , TOYOTA SUPRA , SUBARU IMPREZA , etc
With the increasing popularity of cars appearing in movies and games in the United States, prices will continue to rise in Japan as well.

Why did it come here and have an old sports car of the year? The cause is US import rules.
In the United States, vehicles that have been manufactured for more than 25 years can be imported relatively easily if they meet certain standards. There was a boom in the "Japan Domestic Market (JDM)", which refers to cars manufactured in Japan for the Japanese market, including imports one after another.

Exports to the United States have been on the rise every year against the backdrop of the 25-year rule, and have nearly quadrupled in the last 15 years.
The prices of these cars are soaring even at used car auctions in Japan.

Japanese used sports cars have been very popular in the United States and European countries, but the heat will continue to accelerate.

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