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JDM is mean the Japanese domestic market.
In particular, it is used for automobile bodies designed for Japan or whose specifications have been changed when exported to Japan, and for automobile-related products distributed in Japan. It is a general term for Japanese cars manufactured in Japan with Japanese specifications, especially "sports cars".

It is a kind of custom method / genre in automobiles. As the word implies, JDM is a method of customizing a vehicle from a perspective outside Japan using parts supplied by Japanese parts manufacturers or similar manufacturers.

Originally, JDM is normally sold in Japan, but now it is "a car customized by Americans to Japanese specifications" or "a right-hand drive Japanese car that can be exported according to the 25-year rule". Is called "JDM".

Japanese cars have long been called "sport compacts" because they are hard to break and have excellent driving performance, and have been enthusiastically supported by American car enthusiasts. After that, in 2001, the movie "The Fast and the Furious", in which many Japanese sports compacts appeared, became a big hit and established widespread popularity.

The most popular JDM is the Nissan Skyline GT-R. The BNR32 type, which appeared in Fast and the Furious, was lifted from the import ban in the United States on August 1, 2014, and despite the car 25 years ago, it soared in the used car market.

The reason why the old GT-R has attracted so much attention is that the R32 to R34 types were not sold as new cars in the United States. The GT-R began to be sold in the United States from the 2007 R35 model, which had the skyline crown removed, and earlier models were only available in Japan.

The appeal of this R32 type is its good running performance and unique design. At that time, it was made as a "car to win the race", and its acceleration performance was outstanding. It is also a model that introduced 4WD to sports cars where FR was the mainstream.

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