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Lexus announced the “ROV Concept” in Europe on December 2nd. It will be the first Lexus vehicle equipped with a hydrogen engine.

ROV is an abbreviation for “Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle”. “ATV” = All Terrain Vehicle, or “side-by-side” because it seats two people horizontally, or misused, it is also called a four-wheel buggy.

According to Yamaha, a Japanese manufacturer that handles ROVs, ROVs have a seating capacity of two or more and have a steering system similar to a car such as a steering wheel, and are widely used from leisure and sports driving to agricultural work. It is said that it is. Honda is also developing similar models mainly in the North American market.

Luxury car brand Lexus has proposed ROV as a concept model exclusively for off-road use. According to Lexus, it goes beyond on-road and off-road experiences to offer customers looking for more adventure. Continue reading


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LFA is most luxury super car for LEXUS by TOYOTA.
It is the first super car of Lexus , developed the world as “super sports car having exercise performance of the world’s superior first class level and superlative sensibility and sensuality”.

Engine : 1LR-GUE / 4800cc / V10
Maximum torque : 470N·m (48.9kgf·m) /6,800rpm

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