Used car export statistics

[Japanese Used car export statistics/October 2022] Russia tops the list for 5 consecutive months

The number of used cars exported in October was 107,872 units, up 3.6% year-on-year.
The number of vehicles in the Republic of South Africa and Bangladesh increased by two to three times from the previous year, but decreased in Kenya, New Zealand and Chile.

Many used cars, including high-priced cars such as Harrier and Land Cruiser Prado, are being exported to Russia due to increased purchasing power due to the strong ruble.
On the other hand, in such a social situation, it seems that it is difficult to find new local buyers because the market is full of uncertainties.

There are some markets where the purchasing power of overseas buyers is declining due to protracted shipping problems and skyrocketing freight rates, but Japanese used cars are still in demand overseas.
The global pandemic will begin to settle down, and shipping issues will likely be resolved within the next year or two, so overseas demand will likely grow even stronger over the medium term.

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