ISUZU GIGA TRUCK / Engine model had been exporting many ISUZU GIGA TRUCK to all over the world since 2006.
And we can find any ISUZU GIGA TRUCK from all Japanese market.

ISUZU GIGA is one of the most popular heavy-duty trucks.

In addition to trucks and buses, Isuzu Motors, which also manufactures and sells marine and industrial diesel engines, is the truck where you can experience the power of diesel engines most.

ISUZU GIGA has a powerful driving force from a large diesel engine, but it is also equipped with safety and driving support technologies such as pre-crash braking and millimeter-wave inter-vehicle cruise at all speeds.

In addition, the spacious high roof and storage capacity that is outstanding among large trucks realizes the highest level of comfort and comfort in large trucks.

The ISUZU GIGA released in 1994 is the current model of the second generation, which was fully remodeled in 2015.

ISUZU GIGA has several engine models, all of which are popular engines. Isuzu's engine is very tough and has been active all over the world even after being used in Japan for decades.
There are many customer orders depending on the engine model, so please refer to the model below.

Engine model cc Horse power Year model
6SD1 9,839 310-340 1994-2005
6WA1 330-390 330-390 1994-2000
6WF1 330-370 330-370 1999-2007
6WG1 400-520 1997- 1997-
6NX1 7,790 340 2016-
6TE1 18,933 330-370 2001-2003
8TD1 24,312 410-480 2000-2003
10TD1 30,390 600 1997-2003
6UZ1 9,839 330-400 2005-
6UV1 9,839 330 2015-
8PE1 15,201 285 1994-2003
10PE1 19,001 325-360
12PE1 22,801 385-450 1994-2000

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