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The Suzuki Escudo: Navigating Tanzania's Terrain

Tanzania's Choice for Durability and Performance

EVERY Co Ltd Celebrates the Journey of the Suzuki Escudo to Tanzania

It's with great pride that EVERY Co Ltd announces the successful export of the 2000 Suzuki Escudo, LA-TL52W, featuring a robust 2,000cc J20A engine, to Tanzania. This milestone reflects our dedication to fulfilling the diverse vehicular needs of our global clientele.

The Significance of the Suzuki Escudo in Tanzania

The Suzuki Escudo has emerged as a beloved SUV among Tanzanian drivers, thanks to its unmatched versatility and reliability. The TL52W model, with its 4WD capability, remains a popular choice for navigating both the bustling city streets and the rugged rural landscapes of Tanzania, demonstrating its enduring appeal even after two decades since its production.

Unveiling the Escudo's Specs

This 2000 model of the Suzuki Escudo, the LA-TL52W, is powered by the efficient 2,000cc J20A engine. Known for its balance of power and fuel economy, this engine ensures that the Escudo can handle a variety of terrains without compromising on performance.

A Testament to Timeless Popularity

Despite being over 20 years old, the Suzuki Escudo continues to win the hearts of many in Tanzania. Its 4WD model, in particular, stands out for its reliability and capability. With a significant inventory still available in Japan, EVERY Co Ltd is ready to meet the ongoing demand for this exceptional SUV.

Suzuki Escudo: Tanzania's Adventurous Companion

The Suzuki Escudo not only meets the practical demands of daily commutes but also the adventurous spirits of those who wish to explore beyond the asphalt. It represents a seamless blend of durability, performance, and timeless appeal, making it a top choice for Tanzanian drivers.

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