MITSUBISHI GREAT 8DC10 Engine FV416JD | Used Truck exported from Japan to Tanzania

Unleashing the Power of the Past: The MITSUBISHI GREAT Dump Truck Rolls Into Tanzania

A Testament to Timeless Engineering

EVERY Co Ltd: Bridging History with Modern Demand

We're thrilled to spotlight a significant addition to Tanzania's construction arsenal - the MITSUBISHI GREAT / Dump, featuring the 16,750cc 8DC10 Engine, model FV416JD. This export underscores our commitment at EVERY Co Ltd to delivering vehicles that not only meet but exceed the functional and durability expectations of industries worldwide.

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Why Tanzania Welcomes the MITSUBISHI GREAT / Dump

Tanzania's booming construction sector, poised for unparalleled growth, demands equipment that combines resilience, power, and efficiency. The MITSUBISHI GREAT Dump Truck, with its legendary 8DC10 engine, embodies these qualities, making it an essential asset for the nation's development projects. Despite its vintage, this model's enduring popularity underscores its unmatched capability and reliability in the toughest terrains and most challenging projects.

Exploring the Mighty 8DC10 Engine

At the heart of this venerable beast lies the 8DC10 engine, a marvel of Mitsubishi engineering. Known for its toughness and raw power, this 16,750cc engine has propelled the MITSUBISHI GREAT Dump Truck to legendary status. Even after three decades, its demand across the globe remains undiminished, testament to its design that prioritizes longevity and high performance. This 1994 model, now set to serve in Tanzania, is a prime example of enduring engineering excellence.

A Legacy of Performance

The 8DC10 engine, despite its age, continues to be a sought-after powertrain, celebrated for its durability and utility. This model's journey to Tanzania is a continuation of its legacy, proving that quality engineering stands the test of time. It's not just a truck; it's a piece of history, ready to contribute to Tanzania's future.

The MITSUBISHI GREAT Dump Truck: Cementing Tanzania's Construction Future

The arrival of the MITSUBISHI GREAT Dump Truck in Tanzania marks a significant milestone in the nation's construction landscape. Its proven track record and robust performance promise to be invaluable assets in Tanzania's development journey. With EVERY Co Ltd, clients gain access to vehicles that are not merely tools but partners in progress.

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