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TOYOACE is small truck which made by TOYOTA since 1954year.
So it’s over 60 years old.
DYNA is brother model , and OEM brand is DAIHATSU DELETA and HINO DUTRO.
They are 1.5 ton to 3.5 ton , so it’s compact and easy to use and convenient truck.

1st model ; Appeared in 1954 year for 1 ton truck
2nd model ; SK/PK20-30 since 1959 year. It’s long seller product.
3rd model ; Y10 since 1971 year
4th model ; Y20/30/40 since 1979 year
5th model ; U80/90(2t-3.5t)since 1985 year
6th model ; Y100 (1-1.5ton)
U100-200 (2-3ton)
FB4J/5B (3-3.5ton)
7th model ; Since 1999 year
8th model ; Since 2011 year

This truck model is very popular for export too.
To Myanmar ; 7th model to 8th model
To Kenya ; 7th model to 8 th model
To Uganda , Tanzania , Zambia , etc ; Old model
To Carribean etc ; All model

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