[Movie] 1994 HINO RANGER TRUCK / H07D Engine

1994 HINO RANGER TRUCK / H07D Engine / Manual / Flat body

This H07D engine was manufactured by Hino Motors starting in 1989.
It has a displacement of 7,410 cc and maximum output of 195 hp

Features of the H07D engine are as follows

High durability
Good fuel economy
Compliant with emission regulations
Environmentally friendly

Hino Ranger trucks with the H07D engine are especially popular in African regions such as Tanzania and Zambia, and business negotiations are coming in daily. This Hino Ranger will probably be sold to the African region as well, but the old Japanese engines are very tough and can still be used as long as regular maintenance is performed.
This truck is a 1994 model, so about 30 years have already passed since it was manufactured, but it will still be active even after being exported from Japan.

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