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[Thanks very much, I received the Hino Ranger. I'm doing a physical inspection.]

1996 Year model / 7,960 cc / Manual
KC-FD2JKBA / Flat body / J08C Engine

This HINO RANGER has been used for 25 years in Japan in very good condition.

Moreover, this truck was used for nearly 1 million kilometers in Japan.
Of course, some repairs are necessary, but since the engine uses J08C , there is no problem at all, and it will continue to be active in Zambia from now on.

The J08C engine is very popular in East African countries such as Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda, and even older trucks are trading at a high price because this engine is very strong and tough.

[J08C Engine]
Introduced in 1992, in-line 6 cylinder, inner diameter 114mm x stroke 130mm = 7,961cc
The J08C-TI with turbo intercooler installed in the Dakar Rally machine delivers 450ps / torque of 76kgm.

[Vehicle type]
HINO Ranger
HINO Melpha 9
HINO Melpha 7 (CH series)
HINO Rainbow HR (KK / KL regulated vehicle until 2004)
HINO Rainbow RJ / RR (KC / KK regulated vehicle)
HINO Rainbow 7M (KC regulated vehicle)
HINO Blue Ribbon (hybrid vehicle including HIMR and vehicle with a total length of 9m)
HINO Selega FC (KC / KL regulated vehicle)

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