The TOYOTA COASTER is one of Japan's leading minibuses, which is extremely popular from all over the world regardless of model year.

The TOYOTA COASTER is a long-selling model that has been loved for over 50 years since the TOYOPET Light Bus released in 1963.
It is said that the origin of the TOYOPET Light Bus was born in 1963 in response to the growing demand for small buses.

In 1982, the second generation "COASTER", which was fully remodeled, appeared. Automatic transmission and long body type have been added.

After that, it was the second full model change in 1992. With a smooth body (flash surface) with fewer protrusions and steps, it has been reborn into a more stylish design.
Models with 1HD engine, 1HZ engine, HDB50, HDB51, HZB40, HZB50, etc. are very popular.

The model in this video is the 2016 model, which is the third generation model, but this model has also become more popular in recent years.

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