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Many used TOYOTA PROBOX are exported from Japan to all over the world. The TOYOTA PROBOX is a Toyota wagon that is popular from all over the world, regardless of model year.
There are TOYOTA PROBOX that are suitable for each country, so we try to propose a TOYOTA PROBOX that suits that country.

TOYOTA PROBOX is a business wagon that thoroughly pursues practicality.
A business wagon designed to innovate business cars as a successor to the Corolla van.

The body shape is a typical 2BOX, and many straight lines are used. The easy-to-manage body is packaged with a class-leading living space and luggage compartment.
In particular, the luggage compartment is large enough to hold 89 A4 copy paper boxes.
The interior is three-dimensional and has a sense of security.
In addition to improving practicality by providing storage space in each part, a table on which a PC etc. can be placed is provided on the center console.

The engine is a 1.5L and 1.3L straight-four, 1.4L diesel turbo. There are 5 (2) passenger vans and 4-seater wagons.

Although it is a commercial vehicle, some parts of the Vitz and Corolla (E120 series or later) that became the base can be diverted, it is distributed at a reasonable price, and the weight of the vehicle is light, so it is a competition vehicle. Demand is also high.

In terms of safety, the collision safety body GOA is adopted like other Toyota cars, and it has the highest level of 6 stars in the automobile assessment of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Environmental performance has been certified as an ultra-low emission vehicle for all grades. However, even in the wagon grade, the headrest is not standard equipment on the rear seats because the "F" is divisible.

And the TOYOTA SUCCEED is a brother car of the TOYOTA PROBOX.

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