On October 13, 2021 (local time), Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the new model of the Lexus brand's top-of-the-line SUV "LX" for the first time in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new LX is the second model of the new generation Lexus following the previously released new "NX". This is the fourth generation model since its debut in North America in 1996 as the brand's first SUV, and while sharing many of the basic mechanisms with the current Toyota Land Cruiser, which began domestic sales in August 2021, Lexus High-quality design and driving unique to the company are pursued.

The exterior has a lumpy feeling that is explained as "aiming for an overwhelming presence while considering the running performance as a full-scale offloader", a large spindle grill consisting of 7 sets of floating bars and a 22 inch Features such as large diameter forged aluminum wheels. The interior has a feeling of being wrapped in the cockpit, while the shape of the assist grip and the texture of the parts that come into contact with the body have been carefully selected to create a space that gives passengers peace of mind and relaxation. One of the selling points is Lexus's first "dual display," which consists of two screens, 12.3 inches and 7 inches.

There are 2/3 row variations of seat specifications, and Lexus's first "multi-seat auto-arrangement" is available, which allows you to create a large luggage compartment by linking and adjusting all seats including the front seats with a single switch. NS. There is also a "walk-in mechanism" that makes it easy to access the third seat by flipping up the second row seat while folding it electrically.

It is also a topic that an "executive" grade with a stand-alone 4-seat specification for the rear seats will be set. The rear seats of the same grade can recline up to 48 degrees, creating a leg space of up to 1000 mm, and are equipped with a dedicated reading light, audio system, air conditioner, etc.

In addition, "off-road", which is equipped with special functions such as front and rear diff lock mechanisms and maximizes the ability to run on rough roads, is also set as a domestic grade. It also features unique dress-ups such as 18-inch wheels painted in matt gray, wheel arch moldings painted in black, and a front grille painted in dark metallic.

As for the vehicle structure, the new platform "GA-F" developed by Land Cruiser is adopted while following the body-on-frame system with excellent durability. While improving the rigidity of the body through development that makes full use of computer analysis, all door panels, bonnets, and roofs are made of aluminum. The weight of the entire vehicle has been reduced by about 200 kg from the previous model.

The powertrain is a combination of a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine (maximum output 415PS, maximum torque 650Nm) and a torque converter type 10-speed AT. The drive system is a full-time 4WD with an auxiliary transmission.

High mount double wishbone suspension is used on the front. The suspension geometry and spring constant have been optimized to achieve both running stability and comfort at a high level. The rear follows the same trailing link axle type as the predecessor, while expanding the rebound stroke by 20 mm. It is said to have achieved excellent road followability and rough road running performance. In addition, by installing the latest AHC (Active Height Control Suspension) and AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System), it is said that it can demonstrate excellent controllability even on the road even though it is a tough vehicle with a ladder frame.

The support function during off-road driving has also evolved, and the "Multi Terrain Select" that integrates control of driving force, suspension, brake oil, etc. according to the driving mode includes "DIRT", "SAND", "MUD", and "DEEP SNOW". In addition to "ROCK", the "AUTO" mode is set so that the system automatically optimizes the driving characteristics according to the road surface conditions. Furthermore, the operating range has been expanded so that it can be used not only when the auxiliary transmission is in the low range (L4) but also in the high range (H4), and multi-terrain select can be used in a wider range of situations.

The new Lexus LX is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2022.

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