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We started YouTube channel !

Hi good day , this is Watabe , CEO of
Now , we started YouTube channel since this month.

[ YouTube Channel]

Since the beginning of this year, I have received many requests for the movie of our stocks.
So we decided to focus on the most popular trucks and buses and upload a few to YouTube every week.
By watching the movie that the engine is actually running, you will surely deepen your understanding of the product.

As web technology services are changing day by day, I think the need for movie will increase worldwide in the future.
Prior to that, we decided to start video little by little so that we could have better web technology support.

At first, the number is small, but if you have a video you want, please feel free to contact us.
In the future, we would like to upload not only videos of cars, but also videos of our company introduction, customer introduction, and videos of when we went on overseas business trips, which will lead to the realization of smiles for many customers.

All vehicles listed on our website are available for sale.

If you are looking for any Japanese truck or bus , cars , please check our stock lists !
The stock list of EVERY Co Ltd (*Click to open the page)

It’s for SDGs Goal number 17 “PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS”

Work Together !!

CEO Yuichiro Watabe
"EVERY's MISSION - To make smile in all over the world"
EVERY CO LTD since 2006 year
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Mobile and Whatsapp : +819072259491

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