Yahoo! Search Awards 2020 / Toyota "Yaris Cross"

Yahoo announced the "Yahoo! Search Awards 2020" on December 9th. Toyota "Yaris Cross" was selected in the car category award in the product category.

The Yahoo! Search Awards started in 2014 with the aim of creating a new national event at the end of the year. It is an award that awards people, works, and products that have been supported by many people in a year and the number of searches has risen the most compared to the previous year. The actor "Takeru Sato" was selected for the 2020 Grand Prize.

The Yaris Cross, which was selected for the Car Category Award, is a compact crossover SUV based on the "Yaris" released in February 2020. The Geneva Motor Show in March, which was scheduled to be unveiled for the first time, was canceled, and the world premiere was online in April. After its launch on August 31, it received orders for about 39,000 units in a month, achieving strong sales, exceeding the monthly sales target of more than nine times.

The words searched with Yaris Cross are ranked high in terms of "price," "release date," and "fuel efficiency."

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