Toyota New Crown Special Edition S “Sports Style”

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Toyota New Crown Special Edition S “Sports Style”

Toyota added special models “S” Sport Style “” and “S Four” Sport Style “” to the new “Crown” and released them on October 2, 2019.

Based on the “S” and “S Four”, the exterior uses a dedicated 18-inch aluminum wheel. The interior is also sporty and the texture is enhanced.Equipped with blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic auto brake (parking support brake).

The special specification car “S“ Elegance Style ”, as its name suggests, has a high quality and elegant style, while the special specification car“ S “Sports Style” ”is characterized by a sporty interior and exterior.

Specially equipped with 18 inch noise reduction aluminum wheels with black sputtering coating. The “Bi-Beam LED headlamp” and “LED rear combination lamp” were smoke painted, the front grill molding and front fog lamp ring, and the rear license garnish were smoke plated to produce an “adult sporty”.


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