[Sales records] MITSUBISHI CANTER / 2011year model

One of our Kenyan customer was bought this MITSUBISHI CANTER

2011year May
Chassis model : FBA00
Engine model : 4P10

Kenyan regulation is strict especially year of registration.
Any Used car or truck which is seven years after manufacture is not possible to import to Kenyan market.
Also if the registration month is just 7 years , the import duty will be lowest.
This MITSUBISHI CANTER is 2011year May , the it was reached on May 2018 , so it's just lowest import duty.

You know MITSUBISHI CANTER is most popular compact truck in all over the worlds , like ISUZU ELF truck.
But recent models are not so pupular because the new type engine is not strong than old model , I don't know the reason , but many customers are saying so.
But like Kenayn regulation , other country may have strict regulation for registration year.
If you can import only recent models cause by your country's regulation , of course I recommend recnet MITSUBISHI CANTER because it's one of representative truck in Japan.

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