The new mini car "Honda N-VAN"

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the outline of the new model "N-VAN" scheduled for official announcement on June 1, 2018, the same summer.

N-VAN is a new light commercial vehicle belonging to the "N series" including "N-BOX". With excellent utility, it will be appealed as "creating a new standard in a light van world".

One of the features is that the B pillar on the front passenger's side has been eliminated.
This created a large opening in the side of the car body, enabling efficient loading and unloading from the two flow lines, the tailgate and the passenger side slide door.

Another feature is packaging.
By using the dive-down function of the rear seat and passenger seat, it becomes possible to use a flat and large capacity loading space from the passenger seat part to the tailgate in combination with the low floor floor unique to the N series.

The design of the exterior is roughly divided into three types.
Besides the standard type composed of "G" grade and "L" grade, "+ STYLE FUN" featured by round headlamps, "+ STYLE COOL" with a stylish image with a lower roof was featured.

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