Special Installation Of Trucks

Making roads, buildings, etc, Transporting products...Trucks are one of things what we can't live without. Today I'd like to introduce some interesting installations of trucks. You can utilise them for your business.

(1) Sliding Loader Dump

A standard dump tray will up / down on a truck chassis. But a sliding loader dump tray slides backwards.

Gravels can be dumped without scattering.

Small shovel can be loaded on.

(2) Roll On Truck

This is the installation for carrying a container. A roll on truck will pull up a container using wire winch.

Container can be loaded smoothly.

(3) Power Gate Truck

The power gate is the back panel with a power lift. This is useful to load / unload heavy products. They are used by movers, couriers, etc.

(4)Three-way Dump

Standard damp can dump to backside only, but 3-way Dump can tilt to right & left both besides backside.

(5) Hip lifter

This looks similar to standard self-loader when the end of the truck bed is lifted. This installation can pull down the edge of truck bed like a slope when a machinery or something goes on.

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