This is 1994 year MITUBISHI FIGHTER FK618 I got it for my Tanzania customer. It has 8,200cc 6D17 engine and clean inside and out side. The FIGHTER is the medium-sized truck produced by MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION from 1984 to 2002, also by MITSUBISHI FUSO from 2003. This track is very popular in Japan and the world. Many customer who are looking for FIGHTER ask engine type. This is the list you can check engine type easy.



Model Code Engine Type Model Code Engine Type Model Code Engine Type
FH217CD 6D16 FH217D 6D16 FH217G 6D16
FH217J 6D16 FH217K 6D16 FH218CD 6D17
FH21GC 6M61 FH21GD 6M61 FH21GG 6M61
FH21HC 6M61 FH21HD 6M61 FH227CD 6D16
FH227G 6D16 FH227H 6D16 FH227J 6D16
FH228CD 6D17 FH228G 6D17 FH228H 6D17
FK115DD 6D14 FK115F 6D14 FK115H 6D14
FK116D 6D15 FK116H 6D15 FK116J 6D15
FK116K 6D15 FK315CD 6D14 FK315F 6D14
FK316CD 6D15 FK335CD 6D14 FK335D 6D14
FK335H 6D14 FK335J 6D14 FK335JK 6D14
FK335KK 6D14 FK337CD 6D14 FK337G 6D14
FK415ED 6D14 FK415F 6D14 FK415H 6D14
FK415J 6D14 FK415JK 6D14 FK415K 6D14
FK415KK 6D14 FK416E 6D15 FK416ED 6D15
FK416F 6D15 FK416H 6D15 FK416J 6D15
FK416JK 6D15 FK416K 6D15 FK416KK 6D15
FK417E 6D16 FK417ED 6D16 FK417EZ 6D16
FK417F 6D16 FK417FZ 6D16 FK417H 6D16
FK417HK 6D16 FK417HZ 6D16 FK417J 6D16
FK417JK 6D16 FK417JZ 6D16 FK417K 6D16
FK417KK 6D16 FK417KZ 6D16 FK417M 6D16
FK418E 6D17 FK418F 6D17 FK418H 6D17
FK418J 6D17 FK418JZ 6D17 FK418K 6D17
FK515J 6D14 FK515K 6D14 FK516J 6D15
FK516K 6D15 FK516S 6D15 FK517J 6D16
FK517K 6D16 FK517L 6D16 FK517M 6D16
FK518K 6D17 FK518M 6D17 FK603H 4D34
FK612H 4D34 FK612J 4D34 FK612K 4D34
FK612KZ 4D34 FK612L 4D34 FK612M 4D34
FK615E 6D14 FK615G 6D14 FK615J 6D14
FK615K 6D14 FK616H 6D15 FK616J 6D15
FK616JZ 6D15 FK616K 6D15 FK616L 6D15
FK616LZ 6D15 FK616M 6D15 FK617D 6D16
FK617DD 6D16 FK617E 6D16 FK617G 6D16
FK617GZ 6D16 FK617H 6D16 FK617HZ 6D16
FK617J 6D16 FK617JZ 6D16 FK617K 6D16
FK617KZ 6D16 FK617M 6D16 FK618D 6D17
FK618DD 6D17 FK618E 6D17 FK618EW 6D17
FK618G 6D17 FK618GZ 6D17 FK618H 6D17
FK618HZ 6D17 FK618J 6D17 FK618JZ 6D17
FK618K 6D17 FK618KZ 6D17 FK618L 6D17
FK618M 6D17 FK618S 6D17 FK618U 6D17
FK619D 6D17 FK619E 6D17 FK619EZ 6D17
FK619G 6D17 FK619H 6D17 FK619J 6D17
FK619JZ 6D17 FK619K 6D17 FK619KZ 6D17
FK61F 6M60 FK61FD 6M60 FK61FE 6M60
FK61FEXR 6M60 FK61FG 6M60 FK61FGZ 6M60
FK61FH 6M60 FK61FHZ 6M60 FK61FJ 6M60
FK61FJZ 6M60 FK61FK 6M60 FK61FKY 6M60
FK61FKZ 6M60 FK61FL 6M60 FK61FLZ 6M60
FK61FM 6M60 FK61FMZ 6M60 FK61FS 6M60
FK61FSY 6M60 FK61FU 6M60 FK61GD 6M60
FK61GE 6M60 FK61GG 6M60 FK61GK 6M60
FK61HD 6M60 FK61HD3D 6M60 FK61HE 6M60
FK61HEX 6M60 FK61HEZ 6M60 FK61HG 6M60
FK61HGX 6M60 FK61HGY 6M60 FK61HH 6M61
FK61HHZ 6M61 FK61HJ 6M61 FK61HJZ 6M61
FK61HK 6M61 FK61HKX 6M61 FK61HKY 6M61
FK61HKZ 6M61 FK61HL 6M61 FK61HLY 6M61
FK61HLZ 6M61 FK61HM 6M61 FK61HMY 6M61
FK61HMZ 6M61 FK61HS 6M61 FK61HSZ 6M61
FK61R 4M50 FK61RD 4M50 FK61RH 4M50
FK61RJ 4M50 FK61RK 4M50 FK622EYR 6D16
FK622H 6D16 FK622HZ 6D16 FK622J 6D16
FK622K 6D16 FK622KZ 6D16 FK622LZ 6D16
FK622M 6D16 FK622MZ 6D16 FK627D 6D16
FK627G 6D16 FK627H 6D16 FK627K 6D16
FK628DD 6D17 FK628E 6D17 FK628G 6D17
FK628GY 6D17 FK628H 6D17 FK628J 6D17
FK628JZ 6D17 FK628K 6D17 FK628KZ 6D17
FK629D 6D17 FK629G 6D17 FK629GZ 6D17
FK629HZ 6D17 FK629J 6D17 FK629JY 6D17
FK629JZ 6D17 FK629K 6D17 FK629KZ 6D17
FK629L 6D17 FK629LZ 6D17 FK629MZ 6D17
FK629S 6D17 FK62FY 6M60 FK62FZ 6M60
FK64F 6M60 FK64FJ 6M60 FK64FK 6M60
FK64FKZ 6M60 FK64FLZ 6M60 FK64FM 6M60
FK64FSZ 6M60 FK64HH 6M61 FK64HJ 6M61
FK64HK 6M61 FK64HL 6M60T FK64R 6M60T
FK64RK 6M60T FK65FZ 6D16 FK668K 6D17
FK678K 6D17 FK71D 4M50 FK71DC 4M50
FK71DE 4M50 FK71DH 4M50 FK71DJ 4M50
FK71F 6M60 FK71GC 6M61 FK71GD 6M61
FK71GE 6M61 FK71GG 6M61 FK71GH 6M61
FK71GJ 6M61 FK71GK 6M61 FK71GL 6M61
FK71HC 6M61 FK71HD 6M61 FK71HE 6M61
FK71HEZ 6M61 FK71HG 6M61 FK71HGZ 6M61
FK71HH 6M61 FK71HHY 6M61 FK71HJ 6M61
FK71HJY 6M61 FK71HJZ 6M61 FK71HK 6M61
FK71HKY 6M61 FK71HM 6M61 FK71HMY 6M61
FK71R 4M40 FK71RC 4M50 FK71RE 4M50
FK71RG 4M50 FK71RH 4M50 FK71RJ 4M50
FK71RK 4M50 FK727CD 6D16 FK727H 6D16
FK727J 6D16 FK728CD 6D17 FK728D 6D17
FK728H 6D17 FK728J 6D17 FK72FY 6M60
FK72FZ 6M60 FK74F 6M60 FK74HG 6M61
FK74HJ 6M61 FK74HKZ 6M61 FK74R 6M61
FK75FZ 6M60 FL417E 6D16 FL417F 6D16
FL417H 6D16 FL618E 6D16 FL638D 6D17
FL638H 6D17 FL639GY 6D17 FL63F 6M60
FL63HD 6M60 FL63HJX 6M60 FL63HKX 6M60
FM515L 6D14 FM516J 6D15 FM517H 6D16
FM618F 6D17 FM618J 6D17 FM618L 6D17
FM618M 6D17 FM619J 6D17 FM619L 6D17
FM622HZ 6D16 FM622LZ 6D16 FM622MZ 6D16
FM622S 6D16 FM629L 6D16 FM629S 6D16
FM62FHZ 6M60 FM62FLZ 6M60 FM62FMZ 6M60
FM62FZ 6M60 FM62HMZ 6M60 FM62MZ 6M60
FM652J 6D16 FM652M 6D15 FM652S 6D15
FM656J 6D15 FM656L 6D15 FM656M 6D15
FN612K 6D16 FN612L 6D16 FN61FM 6M60
FN622K 6D16 FN622N 6D16 FN622U 6D16
FQ61FK 6M60 FQ61FM 6M60 FQ61FN 6M60
FQ61FS 6M60 FQ61FU 6M60 FQ62F 6M60
FT417L 6D24 FT50JY 8DC11 FV419T 8DC11

I will be waiting your order and inquiry of FIGHTER.

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