Suzuki New Type Sorio

Suzuki performs a minor change (specification change) of the new solio and solio bandit and released on July 2, 2018 July 20 th.

Improvement of automatic braking of collision damage mitigation brake 'dual camera brake support', added function to detect pedestrians at night and added brake support at backward movement.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) (about 40 km / h to about 100 km / h), also add a new color for body color.

Adopt stereo camera system with two cameras for collision damage mitigation brake.

"Safety support car S (common name: Sapporo S)" corresponds to "wide".

Solio Hybrid, which is currently on sale of the new solio, is equipped with Suzuki's own S-Energy Charge (Mild Hybrid). It is JC 08 mode fuel efficiency 27.8 km / L.

However, S-Energy (Mild Hybrid) is a form that the motor assists the engine and is different from Toyota's hybrid system "THS II" and Honda's hybrid system "SPORT HYBRID i-DCD".

So, similarly to Toyota and Honda, we installed Suzuki's unique Hybrid "Strong Hybrid" that can only run EV. We released a full (strong) hybrid model of the new solio / solio bandit.

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