Customer's review---South Sudan

2012/5/12 Evance Odiwuor
Thanks Mr. Watabe,
I received my car, Mitsubishi RVR X model in Mombasa
in shape and drove it all the way by myself to Juba, the capital City of Southern Sudan.
Thats approx 2800 KM journey from the starting terminal which was in Mombasa.
The car had the power to endure all the terrains that we came across all through this journey.
Its a faboulous car and thanks for dealing with sincererity. Its a wonderful Car..
On Sat, May 12, 2012, Evance Odiwuor
Picture for the car with me...
I have been importing vehicles for my usage from Japan but this one was incomparable, It was clean beyond my expectation and has been serving me me here in South Sudan well. I am soon ordering another unit for offroad from you.
thanks for this wonderful car.
I am extremely happy.
Mitsubishi RVR

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