The Tokyo automatic salon starts as "Tokyo exciting car show" that tuning car magazine "OPTION" chief editor spreads customized car culture in the world in 1983.
Change the name from the fifth of 1987 to "the Tokyo automatic salon", and the meeting place changes Ariake and Makuhari Messe and a holding place from Harumi,
too; is expansion on a scale year by year.
In late years the car manufacturer exhibited and I put it together in an automatic salon and announced the new car and held the demonstration orchid of the display sale of various parts and the racing machine,
the live broadcasting stage where a gorgeousness artist appeared, photography society of the kiang gal, and a change developed for the big event that even the families who used not only the core car fan but also the car could enjoy enough.


In "TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017 which became the 35th" I added a 1-11 hall secondary to the last time and used the event hall and, even as for Tokyo auto salon history, was held as the largest one of the world's largest customized car events.


This "TOYOTA VELLFIRE" is the car which won the highest award in a wagon section.
There is the paint such as the sculpture.
The special paint which took the trouble very much is given.


The car which was just announced was exhibited.
This car is "HONDA NSX" which was just released in Japan recently.
The body kit of the exclusive design is released like a photograph early.


This car is a car called "TOYOTA C-HR" which was just released in Japan.
It is replaced with the suspension system that exclusive, was designed.
Of course this car can run as it is.


It was the number of 324,400 guests this year in three days.
I look forward to the holding of the next year, too.

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