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TOWNACE NOAH (LITEACE NOAH) is minivan which made by TOYOTA.
It’s since 1996 to 2001year.

Wagon / Royan lounge 7 seater / Super Extra 8 seater
Field Tourer 8 seater / Road Tourer 8 seater / Speed Tourer 8 seater

[Chassis and Engine]
SR40 / 2WD / Petrol / 3S-FE 2000cc
SR50 / 4WD / Petrol / 3S-FE 2000cc
CR40 / 2WD / Diesel / 3C-TE 2200cc
CR50 / 4WD / Diesel / 3C-TE 2200cc

[Fuel consumption]
Arround 11km / 1 litter

This model is very popular in Japan and many overseas countries still now.
Of course there is no brand new this model now , but very popular even if it’s old model.

Regarding used car’s market price , SR model is more expensive than AZR model. AZR model is newer than SR.

There are some reasons.
It has good engine , good fuel consumption , large space , many seater , etc ,,
So , it’s very popular for family , or for hire.

Especially , it’s very popular in Tanzania , Uganda , Zambia , St Vincents and Grenadines , Antigua and Barbuda , etc,,,

If you are interested to buy Used TOWNACE (LITEACE) NOAH , please check our list:

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List of LITEACE NOAH ; https://www.everycar.jp/toyota/liteace-noah/

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