"Toyota Harrier": Full model change

Toyota Motor Corporation announced on April 13, 2020, an outline of the new "Harrier" scheduled to be released in June of the same year.

The new model, which is the fourth generation, was developed based on the "TNGA platform (GA-K)", which is a new-generation platform, and is regarded as a Coupe form SUV that emphasizes "sensitivity quality" rather than practicality and specifications. .
The exterior design emphasizes proportions with good grace and stance, and the body size has changed to "low & wide" and longer than the conventional model. The wheelbase is also expanded by 30mm.

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with AC100V / 1500W accessory outlets that can operate household appliances. The car can also be used as a generator in an emergency such as a power outage.
There are three types of lineups for pure gasoline vehicles and hybrid vehicles, "S", "G", and "Z". "Leather package" specifications are also available for G and Z. With all of these specifications, FF and 4WD models can be selected.

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