TOYOTA LAND CRUISER / Histroy of LAND CRUISER : Part1 "Model BJ and 20"

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER is King of SUV in the world.
Too many people love this car and too many LAND CRUISER is using in all over the wolrd.
This is the history of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER.



[TOYOTA BJ] 1951-1955year

1st LAND CRUISER was born 1951year.
The model BJ of TOYOTA JEEP was made for the test vehicle of the Defense Army.
The engine has been used by TOYOTA 6ton truck for six-cylinder,3400cc,petrol and transmission has been used by Toyota truck too.

Nissan and Mitsubishi participated the test of the Defense Army too.
And Mitsubishi won and Toyota and Nissan lose.
But TOYOTA BJ was adopted for partrol car of national police of Japan.

Then the name "TOYOTA JEEP" was changed to "TOYOTA LAND CRUISER".

[LAND CRUISER 20] 1955-1960year

This is the first model change for LAND CRUISER.
There is 4 valuation for body type.
Soft top , hard top , pick up , van , and for fire truck.
This model was started to export and especially it was very papular in North America (of course even now)
Then type of station wagon was born since 1959year , is long model and has 4 door.


TOYOTA LAND CRUISER was started from these 2 models.

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(To be continued Part2)


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