TOYOTA LAND CRUISER / History of LAND CRUISER : Part6(Last) “Model 200”

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER is King of SUV in the world.
Too many people love this car and too many LAND CRUISER is using in all over the world.
This is the history of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER.



[TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200] 2007year-

Chassis model : UZJ200W/URJ202W
Grade : GX/AX/ZX

It was born successor for 200 model since 2007 year.

It has the world's first crawl control system that can maintain automatically controls for the engine and brakes in sand and rocky area , snow road , steep hill etc.
And it has Japan's first hydraulic stabilizer KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) and PCS(Pre-crash Safety System).
The body is used ladder frame which is strong for torsional and bending. It's improved the basic performance of run , then vibration transmission and road noise are reduced.

This model is compilation for technology of TOYOTA.
It has overwhelming running power and luxury comfort , it's "The King of 4WD".
We loved forever.

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