CAR Catalogue & Record FORWARD ISUZU

[Sales records] ISUZU FORWARD / 2005year model / FRR34L4

This ISUZU FORWARD was ordered from one of our customer in Caribbean country.
This truck has turbo , and this is very good condition and very clean.

Chassis model : FRR34L4
Engine model : 6HK1

ISUZU FORWARD is one of most popular Japanese truck model same like MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER.
About market price , it's also same like MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER , but FUSO FIGHTER's 6D engine is more expensive , but other models are same similar prices.
And market volume is also same like MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER.

Therefore , I recommend for both Japanese trucks.
So if you are looking for MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER , please try to find ISUZU FORWARD same list budget too.
Of course I can find some best trucks for you. Then please choose your best offer.

This is best way for you.

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Best Regards,

Yuichiro Watabe

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