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ISUZU ELF is a light-duty truck that is the main product of Isuzu, a manufacturer that boasts the largest market share in Japan.

Equipped with the latest newly developed engine, it is one of the most popular units that has achieved class-leading fuel efficiency and fuel cost reduction.

The ISUZU ELF , launched in 1959, went through several full model changes and in 2006 launched the sixth generation of the current model.

Although it is compact, it is extremely convenient, and it is a light truck that represents Japan and has a full range of functions that take the environment and safety into consideration.

From the first generation to the current elf, it is a truck that can meet various needs depending on the country and usage, and it is a versatile light truck that can run long distances as well as rough roads around the world.

Like the MITSUBISHI CANTER , many elves with old engines from the 1990s are needed from countries with a lot of rough roads, but we also recommend the 2000s elves, which can be purchased at a relatively low price.

There have been many changes in the engine and model due to the six model changes, but since it is always manufactured according to the needs of the world, elves of any age are very attractive and should satisfy our customers.